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Planning for plastic surgery can feel overwhelming: you have to choose your surgeon, research your options, schedule your procedure, and plan on aftercare. That’s why Dr. Bekanich wants to make your plastic surgery financing as stress-free possible. When it comes to your health and safety, budget shopping is a bad idea—but thanks to financing options and payment plans, you can make the changes you want without overburdening your bank account.

Dr. Bekanich accepts cash, check, and major credit cards, offers layaway packages and she works with CareCredit℠ to offer affordable financing

Finance Your Plastic Surgery with CareCredit℠

carecreditDr. Bekanich is pleased to offer her patients one of the leading patient programs in the United States, the CareCredit card.

With CareCredit, you can begin your treatment right away and pay for it gradually over time in convenient and manageable monthly payments.  And, if all financial obligations are met on time several payment plans can be interest free!

Dr. Bekanich is certified CareCredit provider and can help you understand your options during your personalized cosmetic surgery replica watches

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