Facial Implants

Natural Facial Enhancement

You know you’re beautiful, but if a weak or recessed facial feature is impacting your confidence, there are options. When a feature is not as strong as you’d like, it can cause your face to appear fallen. By augmenting certain features of the face, such as the chin or cheeks, your face and profile can have improved proportion, balance, and harmony, leading to an overall more pleasing appearance.

Dr. Bekanich offers both chin and cheek augmentation procedures to improve the contours of your face and accentuate your best features. During your personalized consultation, she will work with you to understand your concerns and design a treatment plan that best meets your goals.

Chin Augmentation Surgery

Did you know that your chin and jawline play an important role in balancing your face and contributing to a proportionate appearance? If your chin is weak or recessed, it can detract from your features and create the appearance of a heavy neck. The placement of a customized chin implant can redefine the jawline to create an attractive contour between the head and neck and bring your features back into balance.

Before & After

See Some Kickin' Curves

During your chin augmentation surgery, Dr. Bekanich will make a small incision under the chin in as inconspicuous a location as possible or through the mouth. Through the incision, she will be able to place and affix your custom-fitted implant around your natural chin bone to create a natural result. Your incision will then be closed and dressed.

After surgery, you will need to take it easy for a few days. You should be able to return to work within a week, but should continue to avoid strenuous activity until you are fully healed.

Cheek Implants

If you wish your cheeks were fuller or higher, cheek implants may give you the look you desire. By placing a solid implant over the cheekbone, Dr. Bekanich is able to create an enhanced cheek contour, which can bring better proportion to your entire facial structure.

During your consultation, Dr. Bekanich will discuss your implant options with you and make recommendations based on your natural anatomy and desired results. Cheek implants come in three shapes:

  • Malar implants are placed right on the cheekbone and are the most common cheek implant option. These are ideal if you are looking for more projection and a higher cheek contour in profile.
  • Submalar implants, on the other hand, are not placed on the natural cheekbone. Instead, they are placed in the area where enhancement is desired and are a great option if you want to reduce a sunken appearance of the mid-face.
  • Combined implants are a larger, extended implant used to address both the natural cheekbone and mid-face.

Typically, Dr. Bekanich will place an incision in the upper mouth by the gum line, allowing her to slide the implants into place. Once she is satisfied with the placement, she will close and dress your incision, and you will be able to return home the same day. Recovery typically takes around ten days, though patients often return to work within a few days.

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