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Breast augmentation surgery boasts some of the highest patient satisfaction ratings, and millions of women couldn’t be happier with their breast implants. But for those who are unhappy with their breast enhancement results, there are options. If you’ve experienced discomfort, dissatisfaction, or complications after a previous breast augmentation, Austin board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bekanich can help. As a woman and mother of three, she understands how difficult it can be when your body doesn’t look like you envisioned—and she loves nothing more than helping patients look and feel their very best.

Common Reasons for Revision Breast Surgery

Although every patient’s reasons for being unhappy with their breasts are unique, there are a few common circumstances Dr. Bekanich sees most frequently:

Dissatisfaction with Size or Shape of Breast

You never know how you or your lifestyle will change over the years, and you may find you are unhappy with the shape or size of your implants as your circumstances change. We most often see patients who wish to increase or decrease the size of their implants, but some women decide to have them removed entirely. You may also wish to change the profile or shape of your breast implants, or switch from saline to silicone or vice versa.

Capsular Contracture

Improvements in technology, techniques, and breast implants have made this condition less common, though, for reasons unknown, it still affects some women. The main symptoms of capsular contracture are sensitivity, firmness, and abnormal appearance of the breasts.

When a foreign object, such as a breast implant, is placed in the body, your immune system responds in an attempt to defend your body by forming capsules of collagen fibers around the implant. Similar reactions happen when anything that ‘isn’t you’ is placed inside your body – like a knee replacement for example.  Capsular contracture occurs when this tissue that naturally forms around the implant shrinks and puts pressure on the implant.

During your revision procedure, Dr. Bekanich will remove the capsule and replace the implant, creating a softer and more natural breast appearance.

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Implant Rippling or Malposition

Sometimes implants settle in a position that can result in an unnatural appearance. Implant rippling—folds or wrinkles that are apparent through the skin—can occur if an implant is placed in an area with inadequate tissue and most often affects thinner or petite patients without much natural breast tissue.

If your original implants are saline, Dr. Bekanich may suggest switching to a silicone gel implant to reduce the potential for visible rippling. For patients with thin tissue, she may also recommend using fat grafting techniques to “pad” the implant and reduce visibility of the edges.

Rupture or Leakage of Implant

Extreme force against your chest, such as from injury, can potentially cause a breast implant to rupture. With saline implants, this results in an immediate and obvious deflation. Silicone gel implants change shape more gradually but will still affect your appearance. While both materials can safely be absorbed by your body, it’s important to have the ruptured implants removed, as it can result in pain, scar tissue formation, and capsular contracture.

Whatever your reasons for seeking revision breast surgery, Dr. Bekanich can work with you to correct the results from your previous breast augmentation with another surgeon. During your consultation, Dr. Bekanich will discuss your concerns and goals with you and make personalized recommendations for breast implant size, shape, and material.

Your breast revision surgery experience will vary based on your individual circumstances. For those wishing to correct or improve the appearance of their breasts with new implants, Dr. Bekanich will take out the old implants, remove scar tissue if necessary, and place new implants, often through your existing scar.

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