Take Control of Your Curves

If you are unhappy with your natural breasts, Dr. Bekanich offers a number of breast enhancement procedures that can help you regain your confidence. Breast enhancement procedures can improve size and shape, help restore fullness and youthful contour, and correct asymmetry. Learn more about your breast enhancement options with Dr. Bekanich below.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures and can provide you with fuller, more feminine proportions. Dr. Bekanich will work closely with you to determine what the best size, shape, and material options are for achieving your goals.

Mastopexy/Breast Lift

Ready to turn back the clock and reclaim your fullness? When gravity begins taking a toll on your breasts, the results can leave you feeling like the reflection in the mirror is a stranger. With a breast lift, Dr. Bekanich can reduce the impact of aging, pregnancy, or weight fluctuation to restore an appealing contour and shape to your breasts.

Breast Reduction

If your large breasts are causing you discomfort, interfering with daily activities, ability to exercise, or affecting your ability to wear clothes confidently, breast reduction surgery may be the solution for you. By removing excess breast tissue and skin, Dr. Bekanich can help give you breasts that are proportionate to your body—and fabulous for your confidence.

Male Chest Contouring

Excess chest fat or excessive chest skin can have a distressing effect on self-confidence. Luckily, male chest contouring is a straightforward procedure and Dr. Bekanich can create a sharp, masculine look.

Revision Breast Surgery

When it comes to patient satisfaction, breast augmentation surgery is one of the highest ranking plastic surgeries. But sometimes your results are not what you expected. Most breast implant revision surgeries are performed to increase volume for women who are underwhelmed with the size of their original implants. Occasionally, however, some patients will need to repair rippling, asymmetry, or hardness.  Dr. Bekanich is here to help you with any secondary procedures to restore your breast shape.

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