Fat Grafting

Fat Can Be Good…When It’s in the Right Places

Have you ever dreamt of moving the fat you hate to another area of your body? It’s not magic; it’s fat grafting—and Dr. Bekanich can help you put fat in its place.

What is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting, also known as fat transfer or fat injection, takes excess fatty tissue and moves it to areas that are lacking volume, such as the face, lips, hands, breasts and buttocks. The fat is removed from unwanted areas, processed, and then reinjected exactly where it is needed.

Is Fat Grafting Right For Me?

If you feel like your face is deflated, creased or lacking the youthful fullness that you once had or that your buttocks don’t have the curves you like, then fat grafting might be exactly what you are looking for.  Additionally, while fillers can accomplish similar things fat grafting can offer more permanent results. It’s also great for hiding signs of breast implants, such as rippling, implant edges, and contour irregularities. The results are natural-looking and the procedure requires hardly any downtime at all. If you want to improve the vitality of your face or the fullness and shape of your buttocks, fat grafting may be the right choice for you!

Your Fat Grafting Experience

During your consultation, Dr. Bekanich will discuss your concerns and desired outcome to develop a treatment plan. She will help you decide where the fat should be taken from and how best to use it to enhance your features.

Fat grafting is typically performed under local anesthesia with IV sedation or general anesthesia to ensure your comfort. Using liposuction techniques, Dr. Bekanich will carefully remove the fat, sculpting the area during the process. The harvested fat will be purified through a filtration process before the next stage of your procedure.

Dr. Bekanich will create a grid of grafted fat by injecting droplets of unwanted fatty tissue into the desired location. This will create soft, natural changes to the parts of your body you wish were plumper and fuller. Your own fat is an ideal substance for creating a subtle transformation.  And once you have all healed it is yours for life.

Meet the Austin Fat Grafting Expert

Dr. Bekanich’s experience makes her a premiere fat grafting surgeon in the Austin area. She loves seeing the simultaneous fat reduction and volumizing results that fat grafting can provide. Her work experience with the leaders of fat grafting in Miami, Florida give her a cut above the rest.

A consultation is your first step to success—schedule now to relax in Dr. Bekanich’s boutique-style office while you learn more about how fat grafting can transform your body.

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