Tummy Tuck

Feel Great in that Little Black Dress…or Even Less

Many women are left with loose skin and fat around their waist and lower abdomen due to the impact of pregnancy, weight fluctuation, age, or genetics. If you are struggling with a tummy you can’t tighten or plagued by a post baby pouch, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) surgery can provide you with a smoother midsection and ‘little black dress’ ready body.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tuck surgery is one of the most popular procedures Dr. Bekanich offers; nationally, more than 160,000 patients had a tummy tuck in 2013. Pregnancy, aging, and significant weight loss stretch the midsection and weaken or separate the abdominal muscles, making it nearly impossible to address the resultant bulge with diet or exercise.

During a tummy tuck procedure, Dr. Bekanich will make incisions in the lower abdomen and at the belly button. Excess fat and skin are then surgically removed and the underlying abdominal muscles tightened to create a flatter, more defined abdomen. Depending on your desired outcome and natural anatomy, Dr. Bekanich may use liposuction to further sculpt the area and remove excess fat.

How Long Does Surgery Last?

Typically, a tummy tuck takes about 3 hours from start to finish. Depending on your goals, you may wish to pursue other procedures, such as liposuction of the hips, in conjunction with a tummy tuck for optimal results. Combining procedures can add time to the length of surgery.

Are the Results Permanent?

The results from abdominoplasty can be permanent, however, weight fluctuation additional pregnancies, and lifestyle can affect your results in the long term. Dr. Bekanich recommends maintaining a balanced diet and exercise routine to maintain your new figure. If you are planning on having children or if you plan to lose significant weight, it is best to wait before having a tummy tuck.

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

There are several factors that can affect the outcome of tummy tuck surgery. Ideal candidates for abdominoplasty share a few common attributes:

  • They are non-smokers
  • They are finished having children
  • They are at an ideal or near ideal body weight
  • They have realistic goals and expectations of surgery

If you fit this criteria, abdominoplasty may be an excellent choice for you. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation and find out about your options.

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