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Wondering what to do with your Holiday leftovers? How about a DIY face mask?!

Posted on November 27, 2016 | by

The holiday season has officially arrived, leaving our fridges brimming with leftover potatoes, pies, and other miscellaneous holiday fare. If you’re all cranberried-out but don’t want to waste anything, you apparently have another option: DIY beauty treatments. Sound gross? We concur but couldn’t pass up sharing these humorous, over-the-top beauty recommendations.

You put mashed potatoes where?!

Shape Magazine recently compiled the top beauty treatments you can make yourself using traditional Thanksgiving staples. We don’t really recommend putting food on your face (let alone items that may be creepin’ past their “best by” date), but we found ourselves giggling over these unique DIY recipes. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Cranberry & sweet potato mask, which claims to exfoliate and moisturize the skin for a healthy glow—but may result in unfortunate stains.
  • Butternut squash foot soak to help relieve and nourish dry foot and heel skin—or as a new method for getting that perfect consistency for butternut squash soup (if you don’t mind essence of foot, that is).
  • Bubbly body bath to firm and tighten. Bathing in champagne seems both luxurious and overly extravagant, but if you have a bottle that’s going flat, what’s the harm?

Head over the Shape to check out the other 5 beauty recipes. And if you’re not enthused about putting food on your face, contact us to learn more about our professional skincare services that are sure to make your skin merry and bright this holiday season!