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The Perfect Gifts for Your “Boobie Buddy”

Posted on February 15, 2017 | by

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and here at Boutique Plastic Surgery, we’re all about helping you love yours! If you or your girlfriends are also big fans of breasts, here are a few fun products to check out, courtesy of Buzzfeed.

Show your breast pride with fun accessories

You don’t have to just wear your boobs on your chest, you can also wear them on your feet, in your hair, or even pinned to your favorite shirt.

Courtesy of Etsy store CoucouSuzette

The breast home decor

Why not decorate your home with some fun, breast inspired pieces? We love this boobie banner, and the inspiring coffee table book featuring 100 women, their breasts, and their stories will make a wonderful addition to your home.

Purchase from Cactus + Bones on Etsy

Make a statement

Braless, push-ups, big, small—most women have some opinion about their breasts, and there are plenty of gifts that can help you express yourself. Have a friend who just had a breast augmentation? Give her this cute, congratulatory card. Passionate about fighting against nipple stigma? “Free the nipples” with this statement shirt.

Courtesy of Etsy shop DeLuce Design

Check out the full list to find the perfect gift to tell your breast friend you love her today! And if you’re looking to give your own breasts a little extra love, contact us today. Dr. Amy Bekanich is a premier Austin cosmetic surgeon and can help you explore all of your options.