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Recap of Skin Tight Episode Three: Melissa & Jeff

Posted on January 25, 2016 | by

skin-tight-103-melissa_010This week on Skin Tight, we joined Melissa and Jeff on their journey with skin removal surgery. Their transformations were incredible and their stories heartwarming; keep reading to see what happened.

Melissa’s Story

Melissa, a 34 year old Californian, weighed over 400 pounds at her heaviest. When she decided she was ready for a change, she committed to regular exercise and a healthier diet—both of which paid off. Melissa was able to lose an incredible 235 pounds through diet and exercise alone, though there was nothing she could do about the large amounts of skin left behind: “I feel ugly. I can’t even look in the mirror.”

Working with Dr. Bekanich and Dr. Kerr, Melissa would undergo two surgeries. Her first procedure, which included a breast lift with implants and a lower body lift to address her stomach and back, removed around 20 pounds of skin. Further procedures to improve the skin on her arms, back, and inner thighs removed an additional 19 pounds of skin. Though her recovery was rough at times, Melissa’s results were incredible. “Now that the skin’s gone … I’m finally okay with how I look and who I am—and I actually feel beautiful for the first time.”

Total weight lost: 274 lbs
Total skin removed: 39 lb

Behind the Scenes with Dr. Bekanich: Melissa is a genuinely nice person with a committed support group. She carried a smile with her throughout all of her recovery, even during the difficult times. The amount of work she put in to achieve her impressive weight loss results is inspirational, and I have no doubt that she will continue her success.

Jeff’s Inspiring Transformation

At his heaviest, 23 year old Jeff weight almost 600 pounds. As a teenager, he was limited by his weight, both physically and emotionally. Over the course of 5 years, a very strict diet and many days spent at the gym helped Jeff lose over 300 pounds. Unfortunately, despite his young age, his skin just wouldn’t bounce back. “I feel like a freak. The skin is horrifying,” he says. “I cover myself in as many layers as possible to hide all of the skin.”

Jeff would need two surgeries to eliminate all the skin left on his body: the first to address his upper back, chest, and arms; and the second to remove the sagging skin around his abdomen and lower back. 10 pounds of skin were removed from his chest and arms during the first surgery, which also involved grafting his nipples to a higher, more natural position. For the second surgery, over 20 pounds were removed from his stomach and back. Though hard at times, Jeff’s recovery went smoothly—and his surgeries were a success. “I’m confident now and happy about how I look. The surgeries definitely changed my life.”

Total weight lost: 355 lbs
Total skin removed: 30 lbs

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