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Recap of Skin Tight Episode Six: Ariel & Chantae

Posted on February 18, 2016 | by
Photos courtesy of TLC's Skin Tight

Photos courtesy of TLC’s Skin Tight

The sixth episode of TLC’s Skin Tight followed the journeys of Ariel and Chantae as they underwent skin removal surgeries to restore a normal appearance after massive weight loss. Between the two of them, Ariel and Chantae lost almost 600 pounds, and their transformations were incredible.

For our episode six recap, we’d like to hand the reigns over to Examiner.com, who posted a thorough recap of their own. Read the full episode recap here.

Behind the scenes with Dr. Bekanich: Ariel’s journey has had many challenges, and I was amazed at her ability to stay true to herself and forge ahead. Besides the sweetest smile around, she really has the most amazing voice. I believe that her passion for singing and the strength of her family are what helped give her the courage to conquer all that she has come up against.