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Recap of Skin Tight Episode Seven: Cutting Deep

Posted on February 26, 2016 | by


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the finale of TLC’s Skin Tight was just as emotional and awe-inspiring as the rest of the series. We had the opportunity to reunite with all 12 of the individuals featured throughout the show—and it was wonderful to see their continued progress.

Over the course of seven episodes, we have had a front-row seat to these individuals’ transformations, witnessing over 30 surgeries and 350 pounds of total skin removed. Let’s see where they are now.


Luana is still thrilled with her results and was happy to report that she bought her very first pair of size 6 jeans. “It’s weird to see myself in the mirror and be happy with what I see. It feels unreal.”


Currently going to school to become a certified personal trainer, Megan is already working with friends to support them through their own weight loss journeys. “I love being able to help others now.”


Since his skin removal surgeries, Tim has been able to be the father he wants to be without the skin holding him back. “What really matters is how we’re able to connect with the people that love us. Getting rid of the skin, getting rid of the weight, allowed the people that matter in my life to be able to get closer to me.”


Brian’s truly incredible journey inspired us from the start. Since the extra skin has been removed, he has completed his first post-surgery 5k and has plans to visit his best friend Jackie in England. “After everything I’ve been through, it feels great to finally be able to move on and get on with my life.”


Tanya’s skin removal surgeries not only improved her confidence, they also lit a spark in her relationship—and she and her husband hope to continue trying to get pregnant. Tanya’s newfound confidence has also helped her speak publicly about her weight loss journey. “I feel like a completely new woman and it’s like a dream come true.”


From more confidence dating to feeling great about shopping for clothes, Jeff’s life has improved in many ways since his surgeries. He is now preparing to return to school in the fall. “I feel completely transformed. I feel happy looking at my body for the first time in my life.”


Ariel was hoping to feel more comfortable with intimacy after skin removal surgery, and her dreams are coming true. Though she still has a way to go before being fully healed, Ariel has begun putting herself out there and is enjoying meeting new people and dating. “I feel more confident than I ever expected.”


Throughout Derek’s surgeries, his girlfriend stayed by his side—and their relationship has only gotten stronger since. Derek’s confidence has skyrocketed, and he now feels at ease in public and at work in ways he never thought possible. “I’m so excited about this. I cannot believe the way I look.”

Post-Season Thoughts from Dr. Bekanich

Although they weren’t mentioned in the final, I have been in touch with both Melissa and Lindsey about where they are now. Melissa is snowboarding and enjoying some time off with her family. Lindsey has gotten right back on top of her game (and then some), just as we all knew she would!

It was an incredible honor to take part in this show and play a role in helping these individuals reclaim their lives. As a plastic surgeon, the biggest reward of my job is knowing I helped make a difference for those who could not finish their journey alone. I am so proud of all of these individuals and wish them all the best.