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Recap of Skin Tight Episode Four: Lindsey & Derek

Posted on February 5, 2016 | by

skin-tight-104-lindsey_013Another episode, another round of amazing transformations. Join us as we take a look at Lindsey and Derek’s journeys on episode 4 of Skin Tight.

Lindsey’s Incredible Transformation

At age 29, Lindsey can boast an incredible 140 pound weight loss with just diet, exercise, and determination alone. Unfortunately,www.cartierpose.me she wasn’t left with the body she expected after all of her hard work. “The extra skin is torturing me,” Lindsay says. “I damaged my body so badly; I feel like I’m deformed…The skin is holding me back from being my real self.

Working with Dr. Bekanich and Dr. Kerr, Lindsey scheduled two surgeries to help remove the excess skin and achieve a more pleasing body contour. For the first surgery, Lindsey’s back and stomach were addressed, with a total of 12 pounds of surgery removed. The surgeons opted for a fleur de lis tummy tuck to help best accentuate her hourglass figure under all of the excess skin. “The fleur de lis abdominoplasty is where we take skin not only from the bottom portion of the abdomen, but also the center,” explains Dr. Bekanich. “It really pulls in on the sides and gives a nice, curvy contour there.”

One more surgery to address her arms, thighs, and breasts later taywatches, and Lindsey was thrilled with her results. “I don’t feel like a prisoner in my own body anymore. Since surgery, I have more energy, I have more self love, and I’m more confident.”

Total weight lost: 120 lbs

Total skin removed: 20 lbs

Behind the scenes with Dr. Bekanich: Lindsey is an incredible woman (who also happens to have a killer fashion sense!). She’s an amazing public speaker and works to help inspire and support other women in their own journeys. Throughout her recovery, she never stopped believing in herself—even with setbacks, she had a great ability to pick herself back up and keep moving forward.

Helping Derek’s Career Dreams Come True

Having lost 230 pounds, Derek expected that he would be able to move on with his life and begin his dream of working for the police department. The skin left behind after his significant weight loss had other ideas, however. “My life is being controlled by this excess skin,” Derek claims. “It’s a constant reminder of what used to be, and I can’t erase it from my head.”

To address all of the hanging skin, Derek needed two surgeries: the first to remove skin from his stomach and back and repair two hernias, and the second to address his lower body. Over 15 pounds were removed in the first surgery alone, and Derek was well on his way to having a body he could feel confident in.

Though his recovery was difficult at times, Derek pulled through and would do it all over again. “It was all worth it in the end. The biggest change since skin removal surgery is my confidence level.”

Total weight lost: 253 lbs

Total skin removed: 23 lbs

Be sure to tune in to TLC on Wednesdays to see more incredible transformations!