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Where Are They Now? Dr. Bekanich Catches up with Lindsey Adams from Skin Tight

Posted on June 21, 2016 | by

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Fans of TLC’s Skin Tight likely remember Lindsey’s effervescent, determined personality. She was committed to not only improving her own health but motivating others to do the same—and the amazing transformation she went through inspired viewers all over the country. After the show, Lindsey has been travelling to motivate others all over the world, and we’re honored that she took some time out of her busy schedule to chat with us about how her life has changed after surgery.

How has your confidence level been impacted by your surgery?

“My confidence level has been drastically affected in a positive way since surgery. I think the most important part of it was my ability to be in a swimsuit and shorts. Leisurely, active activities are my favorite pastimes—and I think I went short shopping almost every week after healing. I no longer feel embarrassed in the gym while I’m doing jumping jacks or lifting weights, and I feel more included in this fitness life that I love.”

How has your skin changed since your surgeries? Are you still happy with your results?

“My skin has changed a lot. I had so much excess skin on my entire body, and now it’s just gone. I’m very happy with my results. I felt really comfortable throughout the process with my doctor, which made healing a lot easier and the end result even more fantastic.”

What would you like to tell other people who are considering a surgery like this?

“You have to have a trusted surgeon who is not just about surgery, but pre- and post-op care. There are going to be a lot of questions and very high expectations, and the pathway to healing is a lot more challenging than people want to deal with. But a great doctor like Dr. Bekanich will help you stay realistic and healing wonderfully to achieve the best results.”

Can you comment on the care that you received with Dr. Bekanich throughout your surgeries and the recovery period?

“I received very thorough, medically sound advice. Dr. Bekanich didn’t try to sell me a dream of a celebrity beach body, but truly helped me understand how the body works, what the body will be going through, and how it will respond to surgery. All of this is supremely important in skin removal skin removal surgery because a patient has to have a realistic expectation of what their body can truly look like. I think a lot of times patients chase a vision of a body that’s not their own. And Dr. Bekanich helped me understand what surgery and post op was really going to be like.”

What are some new developments in your life since we last talked?

“Currently I’m focusing on getting back into shape after my procedures, rebuilding my muscle definition, and speaking about loose skin removal, since there are so many people seeking out realistic information and great medical care for these procedures. My company, Lindsey M. Adams, LLC ‘Breaking the Bondage of Obesity,’ is currently on a tour in Nigeria helping the obesity epidemic on the continent. I am thrilled at the opportunity to help motivate others and so proud of the progress I’ve made.”

Keep up with Lindsey on Facebook and on her website, lindseymadams.com!