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Don’t waste your money on these 4 bogus boob products

Posted on August 18, 2016 | by

questionable gimmicks for larger breasts

If a product or treatment promises to help keep the “girls” comfortable, supported, and looking great www.alibreplica.com, we’re all ears. Unfortunately, a few items that make big claims really are too good to be true. Take a look at these products and procedures that are questionable at best and dangerous at worst, and see what you’re totally not missing:

A bra that promises to make cleavage creases cease to exist

Have a racerback sports bra? Put it on, rotate it around, and wear it backwards. Voila! Your breasts are separated by the strip of fabric covering your cleavage. This is the gist of the Bravity bra. The manufacturer claims that their product will “prevent the formation of creases and wrinkles on your cleavage” by keeping your breasts separated by fabric overnight.

However, there is no scientific evidence that Bravity works. While wearing the contraption may keep you from waking up with impressions of crumpled bedsheets on your chest skin, any lasting effects will likely add up to nada.

The only clothing that can help prevent skin aging is UPF treated clothing you wear to shield your skin from the sun, not a fancy bra you wear to bed.

Tried & True Solutions:

The real culprits behind crepey, wrinkled skin on the chest? Aging and sun damage. The only clothing that can help prevent skin aging is UPF treated clothing you wear to shield your skin from the sun (along with broad-spectrum sunscreen!), not a fancy bra you wear to bed. If you are worried about the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, or sun spots on your décolleté, instead look into anti-aging skin care options that can restore a more youthful appearance and smooth skin texture.

Bigger boobs here today, gone tomorrow

The “24 hour boob job” involves injecting sterile saline solution directly into the breast tissue to pump up the volume just long enough to enjoy for a day or two, until the body reabsorbs the solution. While saline solution is harmless, the injections can be painful, risk of infection exists, and the cost of one temporary breast enlargement can add up to as much as 50% of breast augmentation surgery with saline or silicone implants.

Tried & True Solutions:

There are much safer ways to have bigger boobs whether it is just for a night, or long-term! If you just occasionally want a fuller look, you can instantly enhance your cleavage (for less than fifty bucks) with Cleavage Cupcakes or bra inserts that let you “Jump a Cup”. If you’re looking for a long term solution, breast implants are still the safest, most cost-effective way to go up a few cup sizes or more. And don’t worry, you can get a preview replica watches
of your new look without a 24 hour boob job; plastic surgeons have quite a few imaging options these days. Between 3D computer imaging and trying on real implants of various shapes and sizes, you can get a fairly accurate preview and zero in on the new size you want.

Stick together, ladies…with Boob Glue?

Yes, Boob Glue. This roll-on adhesive forms an invisible shell around your breasts when it dries, helping you self-set just the right amount of cleavage in your favorite bra-less frock or put the freeze-frame on your boobs in any bra. You simply rub the special glue over your breasts (and inside your bra for added fortitude), put on your bra, position your girls where you want them, hold them in position for at least a minute while the glue sets, and you’re ready to go. It is kind of like hairspray for your breasts.

Tried & True Solutions:

Boob Glue has its fans, and it could be a helpful way to temporarily hold the gals in place. However, it’s not going to give you a breast lift, no matter how much glue you slather on. The only lasting solution to treat stretched, sagging breast skin or improve breast shape is cosmetic surgery. An expertly performed breast lift or augmentation can help your breasts look great and fit comfortably in clothing—without anything sticky involved.

Cookies, gums, and all those dangerous “magic” pills

Would you ingest a mysterious food or supplement that promised to make your breasts grow? Please don’t. But believe it or not, there are products on the market that claim to be “natural” breast enhancers. Most of them, with names like “Bust Up Gum” and the “F-Cup Cookie,” contain Pueraria mirifica, an herbal phytoestrogen thought to behave like extra estrogen in the body, prompting breast tissue to grow.

Unmonitored use of phytoestrogen supplements, which can interfere with healthy hormone levels, is extremely risky.

As herbal supplements, these products do not require FDA approval and do not have to have proof of safety or efficacy before going to market. You cannot know for certain if the product you are getting even contains the ingredients listed on the bottle. Moreover, unmonitored use of phytoestrogen supplements, which can interfere with healthy hormone levels, is extremely risky. Don’t jeopardize your health no matter how much someone else may “swear by” a supplement that hasn’t been proven safe. Check with your doctor before taking any supplements. Remember, just because something is natural doesn’t mean it is safe.

Tried & True Solutions:

The only long-lasting, safe way to get larger breasts is to undergo breast augmentation. Today’s FDA approved silicone and saline breast implants look and feel natural, and their safety and durability have been verified through exhaustive clinical testing. Just make sure you choose a board certified plastic surgeon who’s very experienced in the procedure!

Ready for a Real Solution?

Many women struggle with insecurity about their breast size, shape, or asymmetry. If you’re in the Austin, TX area and ready to ditch the gimmicky quick-fixes and find a real solution, give me a call. During your consultation, we will navigate any concerns or questions you might have about what it’ll take to love the way you look.